Små problemer | Exercise 1 – Struggling with the ordinary ways to learn Danish!

Moving forward with very slow steps with the book I’m following to learn Danish “Colloquial Danish”.
It’s not a bad or boring book, but the ordinary methods of learning a new language [with books,formal curriculum & courses] don’t work well with me, I keep forgetting what I just learned from them!

I learn much more from movies, radio & social media. But the ordinary ways are very important [I know :\ ] it’s important to learn systematically and understand the grammar and all that.
Specially, that I’m serious about learning Danish and planning to join Folk high school in Denmark next year, so it’s not just only because I love Denmark, the Danish culture and the language sooo much. ♥️
So, I should continue with the book and move forward faster.
Anyway, I’m now on chapter 7 and it’s called “små problemer – small problems” and there is an interesting exercise that I want to share it with you now.
It’s for practicing the various ways of expressing Liking & Disliking in Danish.

Så, her er det:

Colloquial Danish
quoting from “Colloquial Danish”

My Answer is (Mit svar er):

Jeg bryder mig ikke om badminton, faktisk, jeg ved ikke noget om dette sport.

I do not like badminton, in fact, I do not know anything about this sport.

Jeg kan lide bananer og æbler.

I like bananas and apples.

Jeg elsker Amerika, men hader præsidenten.

I love America, but hate the president.

Jeg kan ikke lide bryllupper.

I do not like weddings.

Jeg vældig glad for computere, siden jeg var barn.

I am fond of computers since I was a child.

Jeg bryder mig ikke om sport, især fodbold.

I do not like sports, especially football.

Jeg hader at spise fisk og kød, men jeg er ikke vegetar.

I hate eating fish and meat, but I’m not a vegetarian.

Jeg elsker kaffe, men jeg drikker ikke mere end 3 kopper om dagen.

I love coffee, but I do not drink more than 3 cups a day.

Jeg holder af børn, og jeg har 2 dejlige niecer.

I love kids and I have 2 lovely nieces.

Jeg kan ikke fordrage opera, men elsker klassisk musik.

I can not keen on opera but love classical music.

Jeg er vild med kager, især chokoladekager.

I’m crazy about cakes, especially chocolate cakes.

Desværre, har jeg aldrig smagt rugbrød, men jeg tror jeg kan godt lide det meget.

Unfortunately, I have never tasted rye bread, but I think I may like it a lot.

Note: I’m still a beginner, so my answers probably have some mistakes.

that’s all for now.. hej hej 🙂

Danish Words of the Week #W03 – Det ser godt nok kedeligt ud..

hej allesammen, og velkommen til uge 3 af “Danish words of the week”

Here are the most interesting Danish words/sentences I found last week, mostly from the movie “I Kina Spiser de hunde – in China they eat dogs” loved it soooo much that I watched it more than 5 times till now :))

Image result for In China They Eat Dogs

Also words from the funniest weather forecast EVER from DR2 tv, presented by the Danish comedian Anders Jørgensen (Grau). Unfortunately his show ended on 31 August, but all episodes he made this summer are available on DR2 website & their facebook page too, with Danish subtitles.


Now, before my list, the youtube channel  “A taste of Danish” has uploaded a very helpful video last week, with a long list of Danish sentences to say when we feel confused about something, I think it’s worth checking out.


Og nu, til min liste 🙂

Danish Words of the Week #W03.png


you can find all “Danish words of the week” here

hej hej

Danish Words of the Week #W01 – Kan I også lugte det?

Hej, today I going to share some interesting useful Danish words and sentences I have found this week from various resources:

  • Social media, posts & comments.
  • Danish series I’m watching now called “Rejseholdet – Unit one” staring the amazing Mads Mikkelsen.

It’s available on website with danish subtitles.

source: & enjoy 🙂
  • The Danish subtitles on Netflix.
  • Newsletters …& many more.


Trying hard to write down every useful word/sentence in a small notebook. Now I have a lot of them, and thought it might be a good idea to share some of them here in a weekly post, with translation, where I found them, and may be notes on some of them.


Så, let’s get started

Kan I også lugte det?

Can you smell that too?
That could be very useful!!

Har snakket med dyrlægen i dag

Have been talking to the vet today

Blød tandbørste

Soft toothbrush
My shopping list
Note how “Blød” spilled actually sound very close to blood or “blod”

Har du ikke en smøg?

Do not have a smoke?
Rejseholdet – Unit one

Kør forsigtigt

drive safely
Instagram comments

Kan du fikse den?

Can you fix it?
Her er en lille ting, du måske kunne kigge på?
Here’s a little thing you might want to look at?

Når jeg tænker på, hvor meget….

When I think about how much….


bla bla bla, talking too much

Jeg skal lige have min kvittering

I need my receipt
Rejseholdet – Unit one
Very important one

Se på mig

Look at me
Penny Dreadful Netflix


Thinking about, Considering
Colloquial Danish (book)


Completely, totally
Rejseholdet – Unit one

Rabat på en masse husholdningsvarer

Discount on a lot of household items!
Danish supermarket newsletter
Can’t remember which one.. But I’m preparing something about Danish supermarket shopping 🙂

Personlig pleje

Where you find Personal care products in the supermarket
Danish supermarket newsletter

Er du tosset?

Are you crazy?
Colloquial Danish (book)

Jeg kan godt selv

I can do it myself
Rejseholdet – Unit one

Den var dyr!

It was expensive!
Colloquial Danish (book)
I love the idea that the Danish word for expensive is the same for animal “Dyr” 🙂

Følelsen når man….

The feeling when you….

Hvad laver man i….

What to do in…

Fuck mit liv

Fuck my life

Håber I nyder ferien

Hope you enjoy the holidays
Instagram comments

Det var vildt!

It was wild
Instagram post

Hvor gammel er jeg hvis jeg ikke ved….

How old am I if I do not know….

Shit!, et chok jeg fik!

What a shock I got!

Skal jeg farve mit hår?

Should I dye my hair?
Instagram story

Hvad snakker du om?

What are you talking about?
Rejseholdet – Unit one

Jeg kan ikke lide det

I do not like it
Rejseholdet – Unit one

Kan I holde op med at vise billeder af mad? #sulten #diæt

Can you stop showing images of food? #hungry #diet
I loved this one… please stop I’m on diet 😦

Jeg har glemt

I forgot
Rejseholdet – Unit one

That’s all for week 1 hope to post again next week… & please tell me if following social media content in a language you want to learn helped you?

Vi ses 🙂

Note: undskyld/sorry, for this poor table, I tried to fix it in many ways but couldn’t, I will find another way to arrange it next time, & please if you have any suggestions or advice, let me know… tak!

What have you been doing… in Danish!

It’s been so long since my last post, almost 3 months now… not because I have nothing to say [actually there is a looooong list !] I’m just not good at writing, don’t know how to turn this big mess in my head into organized readable posts!

But I’m not going to quit, will try harder till I find my voice and learn to write better.

Anyway, to break the silence, will just share my answer to an exercise from the book I’m following now to learn Danish… it’s Colloquial Danish by W. Glyn Jones

Here we go “Nu sker det”

Chapter 5 – Exercise 8:
What have you been doing -or not doing- in the past few days or years?
Write down some short sentences, using the “Present perfect”
[ex: jeg har købt en hund]

My Answer is (Mit svar er):

  • Jeg har kæmpet med min far sidste måned.
  • Jeg har rejst til Kairo fra Alexandria.
  • Jeg har opholdt sig hos min bror.
  • Jeg har ansøgt om et job som administrativ assistant.
  • Jeg har forsket om højskoler i Danmark.
  • Jeg har købt nye skjorte for en uge siden.
  • Jeg har klippet mit hår.
  • Jeg har lavet ris og squash i går.
  • Jeg har spist meget pasta og chips denne måned.
  • Jeg har set tre film på Netflix i sidste uge og kunne ikke lide dem.
  • Jeg har lært nogle nye dansk ord.
  • Jeg har et nye blogindlæg 🙂


…..og, hva’ med dig selv?

Kan du høre mig? Watching the Danish series “The Rain” on Netflix

Just finished the new Netflix Danish production “The Rain” …so happy that they finally added another one, beside the amazing show ‘Rita’. unfortunately there isn’t any more Danish shows or movies on Netflix MENA (I’m in Egypt).

Anyway, it’s a really nice, exciting show & become very tense from the middle to the end. Loved Martin, Lea, Beatrice & Rasmus mush more than Simone… not sure why is that!!

I don’t want to make any spoilers and not a position to review the show properly …but I think it’s nice to watch ♥

Actually I was so excited to watch it because listening to the language through movies/tv shows/music/radio made Danish more & more Familiar to my ears, even before learning any words [that was my first approach learning Danish] & with more listening/watching with context I started to learn my first danish words & sentences. Not much, not efficient way to start learning new language , but I learned much more about Danish culture [which it very important to understand when learning new language in general, but far more important learning a language that no other country speaks it, with very special culture & mindset, and with less than 6 million population.]

Plus, when you life few days/weeks with the characters & hear some words repeated in certain context, they become easy to learn & hard to forget because it will be stored in the subconscious mind mixed with emotions.

May be it was hard to focus on the language on the first watch because I was absorbed in the story, that’s why I’m going to watch it again, but this time with Danish subtitles.

Another thing that disturb this process [specially for a beginner like me] that sometimes the dialogues are not clear enough with a lot of noises in the background, that’s bad but in real life that could be the case too… so it’s way of practice too 🙂

Now, here are some words & sentences I learn watching “The Rain” so far:

  • Kan du høre mig?  —-> Can you hear me?

  • Svar mig  —-> Answer me

  • Kort  —-> Map

  • Redde verden  —->  saving the world

  • Pak dine ting   —->  pack your things

  • Taske   —-> Bag

  • Er du sulten?   —->  Are you hungry?

  • Du ved hvad jeg mener   —->  you know what I mean

  • Vi kan gøre det, dig og mig   —->  We can do it, you and me

  • Det er til dig  —-> it’s for you

  • Jeg håper  —-> I hope

  • Hvad laver du?  —-> what you doing

  • Hvad skete der?   —->  what happened?

  • Hvad så nu?    —->  what now?


  • Vi nødt at håbe på det bedste  —-> we have to hope for the best


What’s about you? Did you watch the show?

What’s your favorite Danish movie or series?

Do you think that watching movies/tv can help learning new language?

Will be so happy to read your thoughts  🙂

Hej hej

Hard to find Danish Blogs?

For a while now I was looking Dansk blogs to follow… it’s was kind of hard, not knowing what to type in the search box, is searching in English will help or better to search på dansk?!

Following the common sense I started by just typing “Danish blogs” …actually that didn’t help much, though there is like 1 good link to start with.

8 Copenhagen blogs you should be reading by a lovely German girl living in Denmark

Neither Quora, Tumblr or Pinterest likes helped much.

A better way to find Danish blogs is to create account in and search within tons of blogs and posts. Follow what you like and you will find everything in one place, they have an app too.
Actually just searching for Denmark, Danish & Dansk was enough to find a lot of great blogs.

Top denmark blogs - Google Chrome 2018-04-01 04.06.22

But, saving the best for last… BloggersDelight.DK this treasure is a Danish bloggers network (pure Dansk content)
You can search with any keyword in mind (in danish of course) and find a lot to read and follow

Home _ bloggersdelight - Google Chrome 2018-04-01 04.13.26

And here is a list of some nice blogs I found till now:

Flyv med mig:
On a literary cloud:
Scandinavia Standard:
Amalie loves Denmark:
How to live in Denmark:

This is it for now, maybe next time will write about Danish Instagram!

Enjoy… god fornøjelse 🙂

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Danish in everyday life: Shopping list | Indkøbsliste… & guess what “Neglelakfjerner” is?


There is always a simple shopping list/Indkøbsliste (spelled like inkoobs-liste… købs btw means purchase) on my smartphone, not only before I go shopping but actually all the time, I just add to it when I remember something, then put them in categories with priorities to plan my coming shopping trips.

For example, I try to organize the list based on the place (this and that from the supermarket, that and this from the stationery.. etc)

And see what shops I need to go to are near to each other, so I can make one trip and save some time and transportation money.

Anyway, part of the plan of using Danish in everyday life, I decided to write this list in Danish 🙂

At first I thought to write it in both Dansk and English side by side, or may use emojis to help me remember what each item means… but ended up using only Dansk (being brave and accept making mistakes is part of the learning process, Right?)

Hope not to get confused at the supermarket buying the wrong items… but we will see / vi vil se 🙂

If you’re wondering what the items in my indkøbsliste means… here it is:

  • Kaffe = Coffee

  • Kage = Cake

  • Slik = Candy

  • Cola light diet Coke

  • Lille ur til badeværelset small clock for the bathroom (sound strange ja but it’s good to have one in badeværelset)

  • Lille lommelygte little flashlight

  • Neglelakfjerner nayel-lk-fiyana = nail polish remover (it’s one word combine “neglelak = nail polish” & “fjerner = remove” …at first it’s confusing and måske shocking to see these long words, but actually I like it)

  • Kliping = Hair cut

  • Sko = shoes 

I think this post will need another part after going to my first shopping tur with Dansk liste
vi ses 🙂